LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:17 "Introducing Detective Jim Barnett III"


"I want you to find out who killed my husband." Three years ago, someone shot Count Maupassant to death. His widow, Isabelle, summons Lupin to her home, with her requesting he investigate her case. There are three suspects, and then... more murders. Along with the old castle being locked down. "I'm Jim Barnett. A detective, hired by the countess." Get a good look at the one time appearance of Detective Lupin!

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode17

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:16 "Let's Talk About First Loves"


Padar sinks into chaos because of the civil war, but things take a sudden turn when the Shake Hands company gets involved. A proclamation by the king is posted online, proving him to be alive. Meanwhile, Lupin has Ami disguised as Dolma in order to sneak into the coronation. The two of them are taking decisive action to rescue the princess. With a declaration of "Well, we've got a princess to steal" Lupin begins his counter-attack.

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode16

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:15 "Her Relationship With Lupin"


Lupin is pierced by Dolma's arrow. Ami and Fujiko take Lupin and escape, hiding in a deserted building. The three of them decide to flee, with Lupin badly injured. Seeing Fujiko risk her life to save Lupin, Ami isn't sure what to think about her. Meanwhile, martial law is declared in Padar, with civil war on the brink of erupting

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode15

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:14 "How To Steal A Kingdom"


"Princess Dolma, please save Padar." With that request, Dolma is taken home. Lupin follows shortly, and Ami decides to accompany Fujiko to Padar in order to save Dolma. The country is split between the traditionalists led by the grandmaster and and the reformists, led by the king. But when Lupin learns about a planned coup d'etat by the traditionalists, what will Lupin do?

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode14

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:13 "The Bow, The Princess, and the Terrorist"


The boarding school, Annecy School for Girls. Having enrolled there, Ami encounters a strange girl in the garden who aims her bow at a crow. The girl is Dolma, the princess of the Kingdom of Padar. Having no friends, Ami finds herself opening up to the odd Dolma. Manwhile, Lupin sets his sights on the princess' necklace, "The Bloody Teardrop." Fujiko sneaks into the school as a teacher to get close to Dolma, as well. But then the school is suddenly taken over by a heavily armed group...

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode13

Lupin is having a Week of Vacation


See you next Tuesday!

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:12 "The Extravagance of Goemon Ishikawa XIII"


In a rural town in France, full of cosplayers. Within the town celebrating a pop cultural event is Goemon. Next to the inn he decides to keep watch at is Chloe's Bistro. Chloe is exactly the woman Goemon was looking for Lupin's current target. A woman who inherited a treasure from a Belgian Millionaire, and is being targeted for her life. Though she had no luck and struggled with the lack of her Bistro's success, Chloe was a beautiful lady. Goemon starts to think more about Chloe as a person...

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode12

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:11 "Get Pablo's Collection"


Lupin's gang is enjoying a peaceful New Years when he discovers a medal that brings back old memories, and starts reminiscing about past adventures. To steal the fortune of the Drug King Pablo, the gang heads to South America with Fujiko. As Fujiko distracts the target, Lupin picks off the remains of Pablo's guards while making his way through the jungle. He eventually makes it to Pablo's collection, but is surprised by what he finds.

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode11

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:10 "Thief and Thief"


As Albert decides that "France is my prey," Lupin confronts him. After interrogating Guillaume, they learn the shocking truth about Jose's terrifying plot. Lupin heads to Jose's headquarters with Albert, his old thieving comrade. Jigen and Goemon fight off the heaviest opposition while Lupin and Albert head into the heart of enemy territory.

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode10

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:09 "The Man Who Abandoned"


Lupin is shot, and Albert gets his hands on the notebook. But then he's also shot and loses the notebook to Jose. Lupin is saved by Jigen and Goemon, and manages to survive his injuries under care. He then explains his past with Albert and how they know each other. Meanwhile, Jose begins to take suspicious actions within France.

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode09

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:08 "Who Has the Black Notebook?"


Lupin visits Gaston's grave. There he meets the elderly Camille, who he goes out for a drink with when the pub's phone begins to ring. On the other end of the line is the supposedly dead Gaston. Lupin figures out that the voice actually belongs to Albert when the pub is suddenly under assault by the Directorate-General for External Security. Camille helps Lupin escape... but what's the connection to recent events? Just who is Albert? A mystery unfolds over the black notebook.

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode08

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:07 "His Name is Albert"


Gaston was once known as a master forger in the underworld. After putting Picasso's signature on a painting by his grandchild, it's bought by the millionaire Mr. B. Lupin is hired by Gaston to retrieve the painting, and manages to do so easily enough... except the painting has a strange resemblance to a real Picasso piece, forcing Lupin to examine the truth behind why he was hired.

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode07

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:06 "Lupin VS The Smart Safe"


The "Smart Safe" has come to the Greater Tokyo Bank. Created by the Hirameki brothers, a pair of inventors, it's a safe that analyzes the "brain power" of anyone that tries to open it. Not only that, but unless the brain power reads as 0, it won't open under any circumstances. Lupin is goaded by Fujiko and Jigen to try and crack the technological wonder, but his brain power is rated at 300! What can he do against this peculiarly secure safe?

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode06

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:05 "A Crook's Resolve"


Lupin is shot in the head by a drone fighter. With the death of its target, the Lupin Game is concluded. Time passes, and people forget about the game. Released from his duty of hunting Lupin, Ami now lives with Zenigata, when one day Goemon visits her. After receiving a message from him, she decides to confront the executives of Marco Polo.

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode05

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:04 "Zenigata's Pride and the Desert Dust"


Fujiko smiles deviously as she points her gun at Lupin, when Zenigata arrives to save him and Ami. They get into the inspector's car which takes off, but it's soon attacked by soldiers who are trying to cash in the price on Lupin's head. Abandoning the car, they have to cross the desert on foot, a difficult task made harder by the presence of Zenigata!

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode04

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:03 "The Killers Gather in the Wasteland"


Shinpei Mayama, the Rat Clan, Union Mama... the all-stars of assassination, from all over the world, suddenly come after Lupin. They're players in a new game started by the executives of Marco Polo: Happy Deathday. Ami uses her hacking to get Lupin out of trouble, but she's shot and injured in the process. With Jigen and Goemon also under assault, Lupin comes up with a plan to take out all the hired killers at once.

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode03

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:02 "The Lupin Game"


"Hunt down the greatest thief of our times, Lupin III!" The Marco Polo executives have set a trap in the form of the Lupin Game. This has people all over the world tracking down Lupin. At the airport, not only are the police looking for him, but regular people are too, leaving him with few options for escape. He tries to steal a plane, but Zenigata plans ahead... will Lupin be able to escape the Lupin Game?

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode02

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5
episode:01 "The Girl in the Twin Towers"


"Marco Polo", a online shop in the deep web where illegal goods such as drugs and weapons are sold. Lupin's new target is the digital currency gained from the transactions made on this site. In order to steal the digital currency out of the system they need a 'key', Lupin sneaks into a massive high security server facility, known as the "twin towers". Lupin greets the guard to the key, a young girl and skilled hacker "Ami".

LUPIN THE 3rd Part5 episode01

New Series Launches April 3, 2018! LUPIN THE 3rd Part5!


The latest installment of the LUPIN THE 3rd series, LUPIN THE 3rd Part 5, launches on Crunchyroll on April 3rd, simultaneously with Japan’s broadcasting.

LUPIN THE 3rd Part 5 reveals the secret life story of how Lupin III came to be the world’s greatest thief. The series is based in France, focusing on Lupin’s roots and origin, something that has been kept a mystery for 50 years…until now!

LUPIN THE 3rd Booth at LUCCA Comics & Games Event on November 1st~5th, held in Italy!


Currently planning a screening of the 2 works from the LUPIN THE IIIRD series and a Live Drawing session from the animator Kazuhide Tomonaga, also the director for LUPIN THE 3rd PART IV.

On Sunday, November 5th, we are also holding a cosplay contest.

There will be more information about LUCCA limited merchandise and special illustrations coming soon.

More Information about LUCCA :




John Lasseter - "You are so lucky..."


The U.S. nationwide screening of "LUPIN THE 3RD: THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO" in theatres is coming very soon on Sep. 14th and Sep. 19th!
We interviewed the CCO of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, John Lasseter, who loves the Castle of Cagliostro. Here is a preview:

The rest of the interview will be played in theatres during the event at 7pm in select theatres on Sep. 14th and 19th.(, or at participating theatre box offices.

Lupin Cagliostro

"THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO" in US Theatres on Sep.14 & 19.


Co-written and directed by Miyazaki as his feature film debut, “LUPIN THE 3RD: THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO” will be in theatres for two nights only on Thursday, September 14 (English dubbed) and Tuesday, September 19 (English subtitled) at 7:00 p.m. local time (both days)
Tickets for the movie can be purchased online beginning Friday, August 18 by visiting, or at participating theatre box offices.

Lupin Cagliostro

"THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO" in US Theatres this September


Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, this 1979 classic feature "THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO" will be in theatres this September. Along with the film, never before seen special footage with creator comments will be presented on screens.

More information about this theatrical event will be coming soon.

Lupin Cagliostro

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"Italian Game" US Premiere at AX2017


The US premiere for Lupin the 3rd - Italian Game is coming to Anime EXPO 2017!
July 3rd, Day 3?@?2:00PM-4:00PM
Location: The?JW Marriott Diamond Ballroom/ Room Video 2

Celebrating 50 years with Lupin and the gang at AX'17.
There is a giveaway on-site at the screening of free exclusive T-shirts, specially designed by the character designer Hisao Yokobori.


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